Dimples Romana, magbubukas ng acting school

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Ni Nitz Miralles

Kung si Enchong Dee, music school ang binuksan, si Dimples Romana ay acting school naman ang bubuksan. Under construction na ang building ng kanyang acting school na sabi ng aktres, matagal na niyang pangarap.

 “SOON TO OPEN. Finally sharing with you my lifelong DREAM COMING TRUE. THIS IS where ABCD PROD AND Dimples Romana School for ACTING and PERSONALITY  DEVELOPMENT Headquarters will rise. For years I have been thinking of how I can give back to the  industry that has been kind and generous to me over the years, i knew I always wanted to TEACH, to SHAR what I know that has been working for me and my family now. Finding the balance between having a STEADY, STABLE and CONCRETE career and a PEACEFUL, HAPPY and STRONG family life. I wish everyone that. And so I wanted to put up a school, a business that will give way and open doors of opportunities to many aspiring actors and actresses/hosts and artists like me to be able to create a path that’s unique and true to them and what they already have, developed new skills, hone what their talents and continue to learn even more.

“We plan to invite my co-actors, my mentors who I honor and learned from these pst years, who now choose to pass on their legacy through teachinh, and share the same initiative and are now limited to working because of age restrictions, limited production opportunities and some because they’re unable to shoot for now because of health reasons-TO TEACH with us. Our school will be open to aspiring artists, actors, actresses, hosts brand ambassadors AND ALSO to non media related students because as my professor now in New York University, Sir Marc Somnolet sais, we should all know how to market ourselves.”Nabanggit din ni Dimples na open din ang school niya sa corporate individuals at companies. 

Dagdag pa niya, hindi lang students from the Philippines ang tatanggapin, “EVERY PART of the world are welcome. Ages 6- 65.” Kaya, magiging international school ang ABCD PROD and Dimples Romana School for Acting and Personality Development.