Pauleen Luna, ginunita ang first day sa ‘Eat Bulaga’

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Sa 41st anniversary ng Eat…Bulaga noong Hulyo 30, inalala ni Pauleen Luna ang first day niya sa longest-running noontime show ng bansa. Nag-post siya ng old photos na ang isa kasama pa niya si Michael V, at sinamahan ng mahabang caption.

pauleen luna

“My first day in Eat Bulaga. I remember how nervous and excited I was as I entered the studio and saw very familiar faces. I must admit that joining a group of very successful people at the age of 16 was very intimidating, but, the intimidation disappeared the moment I stepped in the studio. They were very welcoming, as a matter of fact, if you see this video on youtube, you would see how comfortable I was to ask for a take 2 infront of all the hosts and audience, totally forgetting that we were live!

“Here we are 15 going 16 years after. Oh boy how Eat Bulaga changed my life! I’ve learned a lot by just being in the background, knowing and meeting people from different walks of life. I would say I grew up, found my real authentic self in the show. Honed some talents because of their support. In this show, they give you the floor to reach your full potential, and I will forever be grateful for that. I’ve also met the most amazing people! From the people behind the camera to my amazing co hosts, I still can’t believe I’m friends with you all. And most of all, I have found the man that my heart loves in this show. From that young teenager to the mom that I am today. Eat Bulaga was always there.

“I am only one of the millions that Eat Bulaga has helped. I may be infront of the camera but deep inside I am still that girl who will always be a fan of Eat Bulaga. Happy 41st Anniversary! You are a gift to all of us! I thank the Lord everyday for you!@eatbulaga1979.”

Year 2004 nang pumasok sa Eat Bulaga si Pauleen at 17 years na pala siyang kasama sa show. Sayang pala at hindi nakapag-celebrate ng bongga ang show dahil sa COVID-19. Hindi kumpleto ang host sa Tape Inc., studio at sa kani-kanyang bahay ang karamihan sa kanila.