Pacquiao, tulog sa 6th round – Arano

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KUMPIYANSA ang kampo ni WBA welterweight champion Lucas “La Maquina” Matthysse na mapapatulog ng Argentinian si eight-division world champion Manny Pacquiao sa ika-anim o ika-pitong round ng kanilang 12-round title fight sa Mayo 15 sa Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

“To me, Lucas Martin Matthysse is the star fighter of South American boxing. I share with you my belief that right now Lucas is the best South American boxer pound-for-pound,” pahayag ni Mario Arano, manager ni Matthysse sa media interview.

“That is why boxing fans in South America, especially boxing fans in Argentina, are so much excited and so much interested in Lucas. I see his popularity rising up in social media. I see that in forums, in whatsapp chats, in the many emails that we receive, all expressing good wishes to Matthysse in his coming fight against Manny Pacquiao here in Malaysia.”

Naniniwala rin si Arano na uunlad ang boksing sa Latin America kapag nagwagi si Matthysse laban kay Pacquiao.

“I can say that if Matthysse wins his fight against Pacquiao, South American boxing would get a huge pump-up in optimism. I have no doubt of that,” sabi ni Arana. “Our promoters, our boxers and all alike would love a victory of Lucas, and our fighters would want to emulate his success.”

“Also, a triumph by Lucas would contribute to getting kids back into the boxing gym. Because, sincerely, I think South American boxing is not doing that good, it’s not in its best moment. In my opinion, South American boxing is going through a rough batch, a slump,” dagdag ni Arano.

“In addition, in South America, we have certain social problems with our kids that we as society has to address. These social problems affect sports and boxing. There are certain problems in our country Argentina, as well as in other countries like Colombia and even Brazil. Brazil hasn’t come up with any star boxers; and kids are not getting into the boxing gyms.”

Idinagdag ni Arano na lilikha ng ingay sa buong Latin America kapag pinatulog ni Matthysse si Pacquiao.

“I said during the press conference last April here in Malaysia that Lucas Matthysse will be the flag-bearer of South American boxing. Should Matthysse comes out victorious, his win will have a positive effect in our boxing,” pahayag ni Arana.

“To me, Matthysse could knock Pacquiao out in 6 or 7 rounds. That is my wish, my hope. Anyways, fights are fights. Anything can happen. But one thing is sure: we so much respect Pacquiao. Who does not know who Pacquiao is? Who does not know what Pacquiao has done? Who does not know Pacquiao’s story? But this is now the time for Lucas Matthysse. The best times of Manny Pacquiao were in the past.”

-Gilbert Espeña