GMA pinakakasuhan sa Marvel dahil sa ‘Victor Magtanggol’

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LAST Thursday ay isinapubliko na ng GMA Network ang buong costume ni Alden Richards para sa kanyang action-drama-fantasy series na Victor Magtanggol.

Alden as VM 2 copy

Natuwa ang mga fans at pinuri ang costume, at may nag-comment na para raw palang si Thor si Alden. Kaya naman nang araw ding iyon ay kumalat agad sa social media ang sulat ng isang fan laban sa GMA at sa Victor Magtanggol.

“Marvel, I just want to let you know that one of the major TV network (GMA Network) in the Philippines copied the story and concept of Thor. I want you to file a case against GMA Network. The title of GMA Network upcoming series is ‘Victor Magtanggol’.

“Do some actions right now and consult your lawyers about it. Copyright is a form of intellectual property, your property stolen by GMA Network. Hoping your kind consideration.”

Pero mali ang sinulatan ng kung sinumang sumbungerong fan, dahil kaagad siyang sinagot ng Marvel PH:

Saad sa public statement ng Marvel PH: “Hello, True Believers. It has been brought to our attention that a screenshot of our conversation with a fan has been circulating over social media. It was about a fan’s plea for Marvel to take action against a Philippine television network over a potential dispute on intellectual property over an upcoming show.

“We’d like to reiterate and emphasized that our page is NOT owned NOR affiliated with Marvel, its entertainment division, and the like. The page was created to build an avenue for Filipino Marvel fans to interact with each other. The page is also NON-PROFIT—and we’d like to keep it that way, forever.

“In line with this, we are NOT suing anyone, and we have no future intentions to do so. This is FAKE NEWS.

“Fellow Marvel fans, help us spread the REAL story. Our fandom is at stake. We’ve united as one two months ago – surely we can do it once more. EXCELSIOR!”

Sa aming pagtatanong kung may kasalanan ngang ginawa ang GMA Network, ikinatwiran nitong ang Thor ay public domain kaya walang problema at hindi na kailangang humingi ng permission ng network. Ganyan din daw ang ginawa ng mga nagkuwestiyon noon sa GMA nang gawin nila ang Alyas Robin Hood. May nagsumbong din sa GMA sa Arrow, pero iyon din ang dahilan, ang Robin Hood ay isang public domain kaya walang napala ang nagsumbong.

Sa susunod, mag- isip muna bago magsumbong


  • aki_1412

    Actually anyone who watched (and i mean watched for the sake of watching ir any reason besides trying to find similarities with MCU thor) the pilot episode and then sneak peak could see that victor is just another usual filipino plot story that took characters from a now popular myth. FYI look through the internet or even library books thor wears the same basic ensemble in the myths with likely more detailed differences and the MCU is based on the comics which has part of its origins in the myth so of course MCU thor and victor looks similar!

    I love the philippines and its movies (not all of them obviously) but even i know better than to expect a different plot when we base our shows outside of philippine culture. This is not japan who will take a marvel villain and turn him into a hero detective (mythical detective loki) or diney who would take a villain and give them a backstory to sympathize or emphatize with. It is not similar to thor MCU because for 1)thor MCU ignores the existence of loki’s children (hela is now his adoptive sister not his daughter) which if people watched the show first before complaining they would have kniwn is not the case for victor magtangol2) if the accusiation of piracy was true not only would this show not have aired but the international fans would have been in uproar which would have resulted in an actual law suit but surprise surprise the ones complaining are also filipino viewers.