Kris, bakit tumanggi nang maging hurado sa ‘Pilipinas Got Talent’?

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SINADYA pala talaga ni Kris Aquino na hindi tanggapin ang assignment sa Pilipinas Got Talent 2016 bilang isa sa judges. Isa si Kris sa mga orihinal na hurado sa sikat na reality-based singing contest kasama sina Ai Ai de Alas Alas at Mr. Freddie Garcia.

“Gusto raw magpahinga ni Kris, hindi naman namin mapilit kasi health naman na niya ang dahilan,” kuwento ng source namin.

“Health is wealth,” saad naman ni Kris, “I’m eating better, taking my maintenance religiously, but realizing that 14-16 hour work days are just so unrealistic to expect from my 44 year old physical body, and in the long run, mauubos ang naiupundar ko for the kids kung walang tigil ang pagpapaospital ko.

“Lessening my load, will make time for physical activities I enjoy (elliptical and yoga), and I will sleep before midnight, CONSISTENTLY.

“I can’t do it all, I shall learn when and how to say no.

“But I shall maintain my passion for the work I really love, it’s just a matter of PRIORITIES.”

Samantala, habang maluwag ang oras ay mag-aaral ng short course sa pagluluto ang Queen of All Media.

“I shall do the 10-day intensive cooking course specially tailored for me by CCA — they’ve been waiting for 2 years, 2016 I’m going to make it happen.

“Time to not rely on instinct but have actual, professional tutoring.”

Inamin niya na mas mamimili na siya ng kakaibiganin niya.

“I shall be less self-absorbed, more introspective and involved in my life, making careful decisions, and being more present in the lives of the people I care about, and the people who care about me.

“I’m going to focus on just a really small circle of friends, friends who are inspiring and positive, real, and compassionate. I shall reciprocate their kindness and generosity enthusiastically! I shall develop true personal, life long connections.”

Kaya pala hanggang ngayon ay naghahanap pa kung sino ang ipapalit na judges sa PGT 2016.

Samantala, binanggit ni Kris ang New Year’s Resolution niya para sa 2016.

“Mga Baon Ko Sa 2016, my sons will grow up each year, much faster than the previous year, no matter how much I pray to keep them as my babies forever.

“Yes quality time is important, but I will now aim for QUANTITY of time, for activities together, for everyday memories, for more travel, and for meaningful conversations where I’ll do most of the listening.

“My siblings deserve more of my company, whether they want it or not. At the end of the day, we can cry together, wipe our tears away, laugh at life’s surprises, and appreciate just how blessed we are to get along, to be supportive yet honest, and to just know there’s always someone who will just be ready to love, comfort, and forgive, come what may.”

Nabanggit din ni Kris na ile-let go na niya ang taong hindi naman siya kayang panindigan.

“I shall let go of the one who didn’t have the ability to hold on. And just maybe someone new will now have the space in my life I kept locked up, because now that space is free,” sabi ng TV host actress.

Welcome sa KrisTV host ang lahat ng comments, ke positibo o negatibo.

“I shall be well informed, open-minded, and more open to constructive criticism – BUT I shall also stop taking the safe road, and I shall have the courage to stand for my ideals & beliefs.” (Reggee Bonoan)